Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The nest chapter...

jounalling at the Grande Cafe

I meant to write "next" chapter but it's kinda perfect that I made that typo.  You may have noticed that my blog entries stopped arriving in your inbox shortly before my court date in Russia.  I unsubscribed my subscribers and went private intending to revive it when we were safely on Canadian soil. 

Well we've been back eight weeks now and I've done a bit of blogging and a lot of living as a new mom.  I just figured out how to revive my subscriber list and it turns out to be perfect timing.  In my quest to adjust to life in my new neighbourhood I encountered a new mom friend at my local coffee shop who is also a fellow blogger.  She writes for a website called Urban Moms so I signed up and started following her super funny postings.  I causually commented that maybe it would be cool to have an adoptive mom blogger on the site and she not only agreed but passed my name to the owner of the site who invited me to join their blog team.

How cool is that?  I hope you will follow me to my new blog From Russia with Love over at my cool new digs at Urban Moms  Come on over and join the fun as our adoption love story continues now that Baby Bird is nested. 

There will be no more leisure latte writing from the cafes of Russia but quick quips during nap time and ramblings from a sleep deprived single mama.  I've waited years to say that so it sounds fantastic to me!

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